Blessed Hope Catechism (Q/A 14)

Blessed Hope Catechism (Q/A 14)


“I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” (1 John 3:20)

Question 14: Can God do all things?

Answer: Yes. God can do all his holy will.


God cannot sin, be changed by man, or anything else that would contradict his nature. However, this is what it means for God having the ability to do all things according to his holy will. He can save whomever he chooses and create others for destruction. He can stop the wind dead in its tracks and allow others to leave epic destruction.


Ultimately God is for God. His glory, his plan, everything points to his majesty. This is all the more amazing to me that God still finds joy in saving sinners like you and I. He finds pleasure in restoring wretches into a right relationship with and needs not confirmation from anyone else. He doesn’t need permission, acceptance, or consultation with anyone but himself. When God desires to act he simply acts.


God’s unlimited power is on fantastic display in the miracles of Christ as much as it is in creation, the saving grace of salvation,and the destruction of the wicked. Nothing is beyond the power of God and his entire will is to reveal his glory in a way that he abounds beyond human comprehension. We should then marvel at his power and praise him in the midst of where we see him acting.


*This devotional is inspired by the Advent Christian Blessed Hope Catechism. You can purchase a copy of that catechism on Amazon.

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