Our History

Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church

Our history is one of continuous growth and change due to the willingness of our congregation to be led by the Holy Spirit. Hickory Grove was first organized in 1903. The first property was purchased on June 27, 1903 from R.I. Lassiter and contained one acre of land and the old Spilonia School house. The church ministered in this location until 1936 when it was closed, but not forgotten.

Hickory Grove has been serving the community for over a hundred years 
and we continue to stand on the Word of God and worship the Precious Son of God, Jesus Christ. 

Hickory Grove was reorganized in 1942 with eight people. The old building was moved out of the woods on wooden logs to be closer to Lassiter Road. Now in its new, easily accessible location, the church began to grow. In 1960, a parsonage was built, and the church hired a full time pastor. In 1970, the building was completely remodeled, including brick veneer, and a new educational unit was constructed. Four years later, a fellowship hall was built and the parsonage was moved to King Mill Rd., which was later sold to Pastor Randall Smith.

In the 1990's our community continued to experience growth and change. Rev. Steve Lawson came in January 1993. In a step of faith, the church purchased land on Lassiter Road where a new parsonage was built in 1994. By God's great blessing, it was completed and paid off within three years.

As God continued to lead and bless our fellowship both spiritually and numerically, it became clear that the need to expand the current facilities was imminent. In 1997, the plan to purchase six acres of land near the parsonage was in place. The members had taken a step of faith to move from the current location to another because we had exhausted efforts to secure land adjacent to the existing facility. At the final meeting to sign the papers for the purchase, news was shared that the Cook family had heard of our plans to move and God had moved their hearts to sell us the land we needed across the road from the church. Immediate efforts began to work with the Cooks. In just a few weeks, seven acres of land were purchased for the future site of our church.

God's blessings were poured out upon our church to be able to pay that land off one year later. To all of our amazement, we were at the point of beginning to plan to build three years ahead of what we thought possible. A planning committee continued working on both plans to build and ways to accomplish this task. God led each step of the way and we believed that He had a plan in place for our future. Our prayer is that "His Plan Will Become Our Vision."

Our present facility was built in 2000, after years of planning and dedication from many members.

In 2004, Pastor Steve Lawson felt God's calling to minister at the Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park, Florida.

Associate Pastor Mike Tart served as interim pastor while the search for a new pastor began and later went on to become Senior Pastor of Smithfield AC Church.

In May 2005, we welcomed Rev. Bob Copeland as our new Senior Pastor. Pastor Bob felt the call to minister elsewhere and left  in the Spring of 2018.

In early 2009, we welcomed Rev. John Foister as our Associate Pastor, and he was called to Smithfield Advent Christian as their Senior Pastor after the passing of Rev. Mike Tart in 2017.

Rev. Erik Reynolds was called to ministry as our new Senior Pastor, November 1, 2018.